Technical writing for Windows Embedded

API reference documentation

KITL OverviewOver three years, I documented APIs for a developer and OEM audience. This sample is reference documentation for KITL, a feature of the Windows Embedded Compact core OS. The existing documentation was completely out of date, so I rewrote it from the ground up. This includes the overview topic and subordinate topics, such as OEMKitlStartup and OALKitlInit.


Technical white papers

BSP Porting GuideI wrote half of The Basics of Bringing up a Hardware Platform, covering the conceptual material. This white paper is quite long at about 40 pages, but only covers the tip of the iceberg in what is a complex and highly customized process.
In addition, I revised and contributed substantially to The BSP Porting Guide for Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Build and Test your Device Driver.


Release notes

Release NotesI was assigned to write the release notes for Windows Embedded Compact and CE. This task involved a lot of coordination with tech teams and the content editing and production teams. I was very proud to hear when I returned for a subsequent contract that the product team had asked for me to manage the release notes again. The most recent release notes I compiled are the Windows Embedded Compact 7 Release Notes.

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