Jina Chan

Content Marketer & Writer in the Emerald City


Web Content


How to Find Your Authentic Voice for Unthinkable, the podcast for marketers bothered by suck

How top performers use positive psychology (even when things are bad) for I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Content Strategy

Fitbit_storyboard_slide.pngMy teammates and I collaborated on a content proposal for Fitbit Premium, a paid membership for Fitbit users that gives you access to additional data and content. Our group proposal was to deliver content of such high value that it would boost conversion, along with perception and engagement. We focused on video content delivered through gamification. This was the final project for the storytelling class in our content strategy certificate program.

SEO Content Authoring

Public Health Content I wrote several articles on career paths and education, including Public Health and Graphic Design. They were directed at an audience of high-school students. The tone was friendly but still professional, providing enough information to give readers a sense of what each profession was like, while not overwhelming them with too much detail. Each article included at least 5 SEO keywords.


I created product descriptions for AmazonSupply.com (now Amazon Business), for business and industrial supplies such as tape dispensers, hand sanitizer, and paper towels.


Cisco white paperThis white paper describes the Cisco 4000 series integrated services router, emphasizing its business value for distributed organizations with branch offices. The audience was technical decision-makers such as IT directors. The paper described the two types of architecture used by these routers, and the differences between individual models.

Other Projects


As part of my content analytics class in the content strategy certificate, I analyzed a public dataset of construction permits in Seattle.

 Product Management

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.40.35 PMIn 2014 I took a Product Management class from General Assembly. My final project was a proposal for redesign of the REI.com website to add personalization.